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Dining and Beverages at Scotlyn Ranch

Lucas Woodden is our Private Chef. He is a seasoned chef with over ten years experience of culinary excellence. Prior to coming to Scotlyn Ranch he was the executive chef for a large resort in Hawaii and decided to come back to the Kamiah area because his wife’s family was here so they could raise a family here. His wife, Meagan, is an exleperary pastry chef and has taken a job here in the local area running the bakery departments for a local chain of grocery stores. We are very lucky to have gotten Lucas and due to his long range family plans here in the area and we expect him to be with Scotlyn Ranch for many years to come.

Scott and Jaclyn like to eat well. Scott is a particularly picky eater and loves good food, especially seafood, good meats and after a big day sometimes solid comfort food is his desire. Jaclyn loves Asian food, Indian food and specialty salads.

Yes, Scott and Jaclyn often eat different meals for dinner. We understand. Other resorts, if they are very large have a menu of items you can choose from. Smaller guest ranches have “lasagna night”, “steak night” etc. While we will provide dining ideas, you are ultimately in charge of what you eat. Long prior to your arrival, our private chef will reach out to you and find out your culinary desires and design a menu that will provide an amazing culinary experience as well as accommodate any dietary or allergy restrictions. Lucas will pair your five course dinners with regional wines. Your culinary experience at Scotlyn Ranch will be every bit as amazing as our views and adventures. Since we cater to very small groups and want food to be as fresh as possible we do not have a regular restaurant menu as we order in food special for every group, but our chef will work with you and design a menu that will delight you and your family.

For a la carte guests, a large selection of beers, house wine, and house spirits are included, premium wines and spirits are available for an extra charge. All Inclusive guests may choose from anything at our bar for no extra fees.