Wingshooting at Scotlyn Ranch is once again an amazing experience. With the unbelievable scenery and experienced handlers combined with top notch dogs, the experience is second to none in the wingshooting world.

Pheasant, Chukar, Hungarian Partridge, Quail, and Dove
All Inclusive: Free, $30 per bird released
Ages: 12 and up
A la carte: $395 for a half day hunt per person / 3 people minimum,
$425pp/2ppl, $499/solo 10 birds released per hunter,
other options available

In centuries past wild birds were extremely prevalent in the area. After the area was settled in 1895 and farmers and ranchers moved into the area the bird habitat was decimated and the birds left the area. The farmers cultivated bird habitat into crop fields and the cattle ate the rest. We aren’t trying to disparage the early settlers, they were doing what they had to survive, but the native wildlife suffered because of it.

Scott and Jaclyn strongly believe in conservation and protection of the wildlife and bringing back animals that were native to the area prior to civilization and cultivation. When they purchased the ranch there were almost no Elk or Pheasant living on the property due to overgrazing of the land and lack of proper habitat for the animals. Scott and Jaclyn limited cattle grazing to two months a year, repurposed 130 acres of farm fields for bird habitat and food plots for wildlife and the results were amazing. Within two years the Elk returned to their historical wintering grounds, with over 100 head of elk wintering at the ranch last year. As part of this effort they also established Scotlyn Ranch as a shooting preserve for upland birds and have created over 100 acres of dedicated bird habitat. You will now regularly see and hear farm raised, but now wild Chukar and Pheasant throughout the northern part of the ranch. Efforts continue to extend this to the southern parts of the ranch and into the canyons.

When you hunt upland birds at Scotlyn Ranch as an a la carte customer or a Premier All-Inclusive guest, you contribute to the continued expansion of returning these majestic birds to their natural habitat. Wingshooting is a centuries old tradition for sport and food and participating in the sport at Scotlyn Ranch you are helping us to create and maintain new habitat for birds that existed here long before we did and their numbers continue to increase every year.

Scotlyn Ranch purchases and raises birds for release on the ranch, all wingshooting hunts are based on the number of birds released, not shot. Historically we have released far more each year than any customers have contributed for, but this is a conservation effort and it is working. Since we are a shooting preserve you are not limited by the numbers of birds released, some have paid for a 10 bird release and shot 12, some release 10 and shoot 6. The birds released are not likely the ones you may shoot. In addition to the birds we have released that are now wild, we have a number of birds that have returned to the ranch because of the habitat and were not raised on the ranch. There are several shooting preserves that are strictly “put and take”, Scotlyn Ranch is not one of those. We have created habitat and although we expect to continue to raise birds and release them for years to come, we hope to bring pheasants back to not only our area but surrounding ranches.

We are very happy with groups who want large releases, it makes for an amazing wingshooting experience as well as amazing for conservation. A 500 bird release makes for an amazing long weekend of hunting, putting hundreds of birds back into the wild. Pheasants are extremely hard to raise and every dollar goes back to raising more pheasants and returning them into the wild.

A la carte: $395 for a half day hunt per person / 3 people minimum, $425pp/2ppl, $499/solo 10 birds released per hunter, other options available