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Trout Pond

Lake Charlotte (a pond, not a lake, but named after our Great Pyrenese Dog who loves to swim in it and would be offended if we called it “Pond Charlotte” instead of “Lake Charlotte”) is a wonderful place to spend an afternoon, either for a family, or just an individual or couple who wants to get away and enjoy some time on the water. You can hang out on our covered floating T-dock watching the ducks swim and fish rise to the surface, or take any number of our watercraft including kayaks, a paddleboard, a paddleboat, or our raft with a trolling motor out on the pond. You can also fish here, since this is a stocked pond we encourage catch and release, but if you have never eaten a fish you have caught, we will allow a limited number of fish to be caught and our chef can prepare it for your dinner.

We also have a couple of remote controlled boats for the kids to drive around… Okay, let’s be honest… Scott bought one because he thought it would be fun and these things are super fast and fun! We got a second one and both kids and adults love racing them around the pond.

Lake Charlotte is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon at the ranch. Parents can relax with adult beverages on the covered T-dock while kids swim, adult groups can fish and relax… there are lots of options and best of all, it is all included with your stay at Scotlyn Ranch.

A la carte: Included
All Inclusive: Included
Ages: All Ages