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Snake River in Hells Canyon – Whitewater Jet Boat Trip

Outfitters: Kilgore Adventures

This is an amazing adventure through Hells Canyon, the deepest gorge in North America on an amazingly powerful Jet Boat. There are two Class V rapids, the Wild Sheep Rapid and the Granite Rapid. Class V rapids are the largest rapid category considered navigable. It takes a sturdy and powerful boat to sucessfully navigate these amazing rapids. Kilgore’s has the boat that can do it! With nearly 1,000 horsepower in their triple Yanmar diesel engines, and extremely experienced pilots, Kilgore’s takes this trip daily and has a 100% safety record. And a 100% FUN record based on customer reviews!

For an extra special experience, we recommend taking a private jet boat tour. These are slightly smaller boats and it costs a little more, but you will have the freedom to do what you want to do, even getting in some fishing along the way.

This jet boat tour includes stops at the historical and scenic sites that make Hell’s Canyon unique. You’ll enjoy endless wildlife sightings, lunch, hydrating beverages, and the chance to swim on at a beach at the end of the tour.

Excursion Boat (up to 36 passengers):

A la carte: $197 per person
All Inclusive: Included
Ages: 3+
Shuttle Service for A la carte guests: $75 each way per 5 guests

Private Boat (1-12 passengers):

A la carte: $1650 for the first six passengers, $75 per additional passenger
All Inclusive: Included for a minimum of four guests
Ages: 6+
Shuttle Service for A la carte guests: $75 each way per 5 guests, plus $25 per person for shuttle service from the offices to the launch site.