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Selway River Whitewater Rafting

Outfitters: Three Rivers Rafting, ROW Adventures
A la carte: $225 per person, 2 people minimum
All Inclusive: Included
Ages: 6+
Shuttle Service for A la carte guests: $75 each way per 5 guests

If you are looking for a more relaxing whitewater trip and want the additional bonus of being able to do some fishing along the way, then this is a must do trip. You will experience class I-III rapids and your guides have the ability to really customize the trip to your desires along the way depending on what course they take in the river. If you prefer not to get wet at all they can accommodate you, if you want to try hitting some bigger rapids and get splashed on a hot day they can make that happen as well.

If you choose to fish, either fly rods or spin cast rods will be available and your experienced guides will make sure you have the best flies, lures, and bait to catch fish.