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Ranch Farm

A la carte: Included
All Inclusive: Included
Ages: Open to all ages

On Scotlyn Ranch there is a farm (E-I-E-I-O). And on this farm there are lots of animals, with a cluck cluck here and a quack quack there… Yes, that was corny (pun intended), but truthfully we have a lot of fun with our farm. It not only provides farm fresh eggs and produce for our family and guests, but the animals are fun to watch. Kids love to collect eggs, pet the goats, and watch the ducks swim on our pond. When in season, kids can help tend the garden and learn some basics about gardening. Some kids even request to help with the daily chores to get better insight on what all is involved in taking care of various animals. When the goats are not being petted by kids they happily work as part of our landscaping crew.

Some of our animals are raised for meat, such as the farm raised turkeys for Thanksgiving dinner as well as pheasants served as one of our meals (if requested). We will occasionally raise some chickens for meat, but normally they are only there for entertainment and their eggcellent eggs.

There is also an ornamental chicken pen with a variety of unique chickens including silkies, featherfoots, and polish chicken breeds.