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Hiking & Trail Running

Ever wanted to run through open pastures? Hike through forests in the middle of nowhere and explore areas that may have never been visited by humans before? With 4.5 square miles of private land and 25 miles of trails plus uncountable miles of game and cattle trails, Scotlyn Ranch provides so many opportunities and different options for hiking or running it is not possible to list them all. If you want to go for a run or a hike, discuss it with our hosts or guides and we will help point you in the right direction to make sure you have an enjoyable adventure that meets your specific goals. One of the neat hikes is hiking down into our canyon… for some, hiking back out over 1,600 feet of elevation is not as fun and we can provide pickup service and drive you back out in one of our 5 seat side-by-side UTVs. We also provide guided hikes, please ask us for details.

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