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Chinook Salmon Fishing in the Snake or Salmon Rivers

This wonderful tasting fish can be 18-40 inches long and weigh as much as 45 pounds. Chinook Salmon are native to the area and they are monitored very closely by Idaho Fish and Game. There are strict rules and requirements on the harvesting of these fish, but your guide will help you with these. Fish and Game have been known to alter the Chinook Salmon season with little notice if the fish numbers are getting lower than expected. If this is an important part of your trip, please make sure to monitor the Idaho Fish and Game website for updates. If you were planning this excursion and Fish and Game unexpectedly closes the season, there are still plenty of other fishing trips we can send you on.

Season: April - October
A la carte: $1650 for the boat up to six passengers,
  $75 per additional person
All Inclusive: Included for a minimum of four guests
Ages: 6+
Shuttle Service for A la carte guests: $75 each way per 5 guests, plus $25 per person for shuttle service from the offices to the launch site.