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Big Gun / Long Range Shooting

With over 4.5 square miles of private land, Scotlyn Ranch has the room to shoot REALLY long distances! Our rifle range includes metal targets out to a mile, and we have the rifles that can do it! From an Israili Special Forces X95 Tavor .223 Bullpup to the famous Barrett m82A1 Semi-Auto .50 Caliber Sniper Rifle, we have a large variety of calibers and rifles to choose from. If you are wanting to attempt the 1 mile shot, we have a special Savage Stealth .338 Lapua Magnum that has been specially modified to maximize your chances of hitting a target at a mile. Scott loves to shoot and has a bunch of rifles and he is happy to let you shoot them. From his coveted Remington 700 Bullbarrel .308 to his Custom Armalite AR-10, a 7mm Magnum, a 300 Win Mag, and many more, you can shoot at targets ranging ranging from 100 yards to a mile. If you like to shoot, this is one activity you will love. Even for those that only occasionally shoot, getting the opportunity to shoot our 50 cal or try to hit a target at a mile can prove irresistible and incredibly fun.

A la carte: Guns and ammo vary, please see our shooting menu
All Inclusive: Included
Ages: 10+