Ultimate UTV/ATV Private Canyon Adventure2019-08-03T12:47:08+00:00

Ultimate UTV/ATV Private Canyon Adventure

A la carte: $275 per person, minimum 2 people
All Inclusive: Free
Ages: Open to all ages, must be 16 to drive

In the normal way we do things here at Scotlyn Ranch, this adventure is completely customizable for your group and desires. Whether you want to fly fish in our creeks and streams, swim in our private grotto, hike into remote spots in our canyon where few have ever gone before, rest and relax in a hammock in a pine tree forest, or just enjoy the ride and view the amazing wildlife, scenery and rock formations that we encounter, the choice is yours.

You can drive your own side-by-side, take a four wheeler atv, or just ride along while your host(s) take care of the driving so you can enjoy the vistas and scenery.

We will start at the lodge and take a two mile drive to where we descend into the canyon. The descent is over 1,500 feet and there are some steep spots, so this adventure is weather dependent – too muddy or icy can make the trip dangerous (we have never had a problem and want to keep it that way!). Our staff will advise and we can shift this adventure to the best day where conditions are safest during your vacation.

This trip is many of our guests favorite adventures. Every adventure into our canyons is different, some guests spend hours swimming and playing in our private grotto, others enjoy hiking and discovering new places where few, if any people have ever been to before. This is your vacation, and unlike other places where you are going on excursions with lots of other people, this is a private ranch and you get to decide what you want to do. You will not run into other people on our ranch – it is all privately owned, and yours to enjoy as you see fit.